Concrete Reinforcement Fabric

Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) as Concrete Reinforcement is by far the most potential and most effective application. In any flat or planar concrete element such as slabs, walls, pavements, pipes, Precast Girders etc., WWF can effectively replace the conventional mode of tying up individual bars.

Advantages :

Usage of WWF offer many significant advantages such as Higher Characteristics Strength, vastly Superior Bonding Behavior, Economic Detailing with thinner wires at closer spacing and above all Enormous savings of time and labour.

Applications :

As reinforcement, WWF can be most effectively used in Structural Slabs, Floor / Pavement Slabs, Precast Members, R.C.C. Pipes, Curved Elements, Guniting Replastering

Charts :

Click to see useful reference charts for weight Cross-Sectional Area of Fabric and Replacement of Reinforcement of Fe250 or Fe415 grade with WWF Grade

Concrete Reinforcement Fabric
Concrete Reinforcement Fabric